MOZART 42   

  exclusives Wohnen

Tenancy agreement

This Tenancy agreement shall evidence the complete terms and conditions unter which the parties have agreed.

§ 1 Rental object

(1)            The landlord shall rent to the tenant the following apartment ("rent object"):


Vacation apartment Mozart42


The standard terms apply and will be handed over to the tenant after arrival.

The rented object is a non-smoker's object.

(2)            The rented object is ready-furnished and rented with equipment.

(3)            A guest-WIFI is available to install. The terms of use are handed over to the tenant on site and the WIFI addendum must be completed.

(4)            During the rental the tenant receives a key for the front door and the apartment.

§ 2 Duration of lease, arrival and departure

(1)            The rental shall cover the period from the day of arrival until the day of departure.

(2)            The arrival shall take place after 03.00 p.m.

(3)            The departure shall take place until 11.00 a.m.

(4)            At the end of the rental period, the tenant must return the rented property to the landlord completely vacated, well-swept and in an orderly condition. The key is to be handed over to the landlord. Damages during the rental are to be announced before departure and have to be replaced if necessary.


§ 3 Rent and method of payment

(1)            The rent is payable at the time of confirmation / invoice.

(2)            A security deposit of 200.00 € has to be paid on site at the day of arrival and will be refunded at the day of departure by transfer or cash.

(3)            If the tenant is in default for more than 14 days, the landlord is entitled to discharge the contract without notice and to lease the rented object otherwise.


§ 4 Cancellation and premature departure

(1)            If the tenant cancels the contract before the rental starts, the landlord is entitled to assert a compensation, namely as follows:

           prior 60 days before term of lease: 50% of total amount

           prior 30 days before term of lease: 100% of total amount

            The landlord will try to lease the rent object otherwise. In case of another leasing the tenant will receive a proportional rate on the compensation.

(2)            The tenant is entitled to search for substitute tenant who leases the rent object in full comprehension. The landlord is allowed to disagree to the substitute tenant.

(3)            The rent is not being refunded in case of a premature departure.

(4)            A cancellation or termination is to occur in writing. Relevant is the day of the receipt.


§ 5 Liability and duties of the tenant

(1)            The rented object, including the facility and all objects located are to be treated carefully. The tenant is responsible for ensuring that their guests adhere to the same rules. The tenant is responsible for culpable damages in the rented object, the furnishing or objects located in the rented object.

(2)            If the tenant detects damage to the rented object, the tenant is obliged to immediately notify the landlord.   

(3)            If the tenant otherwise commits any substantial breach of the tenancy agreement, i.e. subleasing the rent object, overcrowding, disruption to the standard terms etc the Agreement can be terminated and the rent is not being refunded.


(4)            Pets are permitted only with prior approval from the landlord.

(5)            The tenant is obligated to accept the standard terms.


§ 6 Liability of the landlord

(1)            The landlord is obliged, during the leasing period to maintain normal order in the property.

(2)            A responsibility for failures of supplies of water or electricity and acts of nature beyond           control are not given.


§ 7 written form, severability clause

(1)            Any amendments or modifications to this Contract shall be made by mutual consent and in writing.

Modifications and supplements to this contract demand of the written form. This is also valid for the change of this written form.

(2)            Should individual terms of this Agreement be ineffective or become so, this shall not affect the validity of the remainder of the termscircumstances or should a loophole emerge in this agreement, the legal  effectiveness of the other provisions is not af

(3)             This contract is governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany and any dispute shall be finally resolved by the German courts.